Historically real estate agents always represented sellers. That has now changed in Colorado. Buyers–you can now have an agent represent you! The sellers have someone representing them. The agent who listed their property represents them. We would love to represent you.

     Some buyers assume they will save money by finding a property themselves and not having an agent represent them. That is not a safe assumption. In many cases doing things yourself makes sense. In purchasing real estate it usually does not. Here is why: Most people think the seller pays your agent's commission. Actually that's only partially correct. In reality, the real estate broker who lists the property pays your agent's commission. Here's how it typically works in Colorado: At the time a property was listed for sale with a broker, the seller signed a contract with that listing broker stating how much commission the listing broker will be paid to sell the property. If you buy that property and do not have an agent representing you, the listing broker will keep the entire commission. However, if you choose to have an agent represent you, the listing broker has agreed in his contract with the seller that he (the listing broker) will pay your agent's commission from the commission the seller is paying him. Since the listing broker has obligated himself to pay your agent's commission if you want an agent, why would you not want to have an agent on your side representing you? The agent whom the seller has selected is often a close friend of the seller. Why would you want to work with that agent? Why would you pass up the opportunity to select the agent whom you want on your team, especially since the listing broker has already agreed to pay his commission for you? There is rarely an advantage for you to not have someone on your side representing you. Learn how we regularly save our buyers money by representing them and negotiating for them.

     If you want to search the internet, that's wonderful! We'll work together with you. We do it with others every day. We can even set up a website just for you with daily searches for properties using the search criteria you specify. We view the internet as our ally—not our competition. We want you to search online! That's why we Realtors pay for our MLS service which provides the information you see online at realtor.com. It is also why we (Wayne & Dianne Vogt) have set up this website. In addition to your online resources, we'll use the more powerful and sophisticated MLS internet resources we contract for. By using these resources we may find some additional properties you have not located. In addition to the internet, since we are full time REALTORS, we both work with real estate every day. Consequently, we often know of properties that might be just what you are looking for. Often these properties are not even listed. Sometimes they are listings that have expired. In other cases they are properties that will soon be on the market but have not yet been listed. The more resources we use together and the more time you spend online, the more likely we are to find that property that's just right for you. Maybe you'll find it yourself. Maybe we'll find it for you. It doesn't matter. What matters is that together we find what's right for you.

     A REALTOR who is familiar with the local market can also help you avoid pitfalls that are inevitably present in every local real estate market. There are too many people who would be happy to sell you "Ocean Front Property in Colorado." Devious minds come up with new scams every day. Some properties in Colorado have been illegally subdivided and cannot get well or building permits. Others are in areas known to have poor or non-existent water resources. There are some properties that have easements running through the property that negatively impact the value and useage of the property. Some have liens recorded against the property. Some have serious structural or foundation damage. Some have encroachments from neighboring properties or encroach on neighboring properties. Some have environmental hazards. There are even some that are "landlocked" and currently have no way of accessing the property. There are countless people who would love to separate you from your hard-earned cash. With internet marketing today, this is more true now than ever before. Properties that sound fabulous on the internet often turn out to be less than desirable in real life. Some unscrupulous "sellers" are only interested in getting your earnest money. We can help you avoid such pitfalls. Often a property that seems cheap for someone from a different locale can be overpriced for this market. As local REALTORs, we can help you evaluate the local worth of a property. We have also noted that often properties that are "For Sale by Owner" are being sold that way because no REALTOR wants to take the listing, either because there is something wrong with the property or because the seller wants to overprice it. If you are looking at purchasing a "For Sale by Owner" property you especially need an experienced REALTOR to represent you and protect you. Again we repeat the question above: Why would you pass up the opportunity to have us represent you, especially when the real estate broker who has listed the property has already agreed to pay our commission for you?

     If you want us to represent you it's vital that we go with you when you first look at a property. If you go with the agent who has listed the property, Colorado law says he has the right to claim he is your agent for that property. He may not allow us to represent you. Call us first, even if you are just looking for information. We'll be happy to research it for you.

     We can also represent you if you want to purchase a new home from a builder. Most home builders have a real estate commission built into the sales price. If you choose not to have an agent, they keep that commission. We can help you find the new home that fits your needs and help protect your interests once we have found it. Again, before you go looking at models and visiting open houses, give us a call. If you go without us the builder may not allow us to represent you.

As your agent we provide you with these services:

  1. We help you find the right property.
  2. By using our Multiple Listing Service we research what price comparable properties in that neighborhood have recently sold for. We may also be able to give you an idea what the current owner paid for the property by using our Multiple Listing Service and other resources.
  3. By arming you with that information, we help you decide whether the house is fairly priced. This also helps you determine what is a fair price to offer. We then help with price negotiations.
  4. We help you by doing the contract and other paperwork that protects your interests and helps you avoid costly pitfalls.
  5. We explain the meaning of each part of every contract document. (The main Colorado purchase contract—not including supplementary documents—is now 12 pages of fine print. Every line was written because someone cheated someone else. We do not want anyone to cheat you or take advantage of you. We want you to understand the contract so you can make informed decisions about which options are the best choices for you agree to in the contracts.)
  6. Most purchase contracts have at least a dozen vital deadline dates. Missing any of them can cost you thousands of dollars even if you do not close the sale. We help you plan those dates so things get done in the right sequence. We then help you with scheduling so those deadlines are observed.
  7. We help you organize a lender, title insurance, an appraisal, an inspection, a survey, and other critical matters as needed.

     We now have membership in 3 MLS systems—Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canon City. This means we can show you any of the thousands of homes listed in any of those MLS systems. With membership in 3 systems we can search the entire region to find the best property in your price range.

     Are you afraid of being pressured if you use an agent? We guarantee you —no pressure from us. Nor will we rush you into something. Neither of us likes to be pressured to buy something. Consequently, we do not pressure our clients either. What we will do is provide you with as much information as you want to help you make an informed decision about your purchase. We realize that this approach takes much more of our time. Some of our clients have taken as much as 2 years to make their purchase. But the result is that they are now extremely happy with their purchase. We want you to be happy with your purchase so you will tell your friends about the quality of service you received from us.

     We suggest that you position yourself so you can take quick action when the opportunity presents itself. We help you get prequalified with a lender so you know what price property you can afford so we do not waste time looking at properties you are unable to purchase. We start you looking at properties early—as early as you can before you are ready to purchase. That way you get to know what is a good deal and what is not. We'll patiently help you look as long as it takes until you find what you want and can afford. Once you have found it, we'll help you take quick action so you do not miss the opportunity.

     Would you like us to set up your own website to help you begin that search? Your website will do a search several times each day for properties in this region that meet the criteria you specify. You and anyone else you give the website address to can access your site from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world. We do not charge you for providing this powerful service. We only hope that when you decide to buy or sell you will use us as your agents.

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